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RAID XL CNC Vertical Machining Center

Specifications may be changed without further notification.

Longitudinal / Cross / Vertical Travels2000 mm / 1600 mm / 800 mm
Feed Rate35000 mm / min.
Acceleration4 m / sec²
Table Dimension2000 mm x 1100 mm
Table Payload3300 kg
Distance Between Table And Spindle100-900 mm
Height of Table Surface Over The Floor650 mm
Max. Height Dimension of The Machine3800 mm
Dimensions of The Base Machine5850 mm x 2650 mm
AC Motor Power26 - 18.5 kW
Spindle TaperHSK A63 - HSK E40
Spindle Rotations with Constant Power15000 - 18000 - 34000 rpm
Max. Spindle Torque105 -12 Nm
Automatic Tool Changer30 tools
Chips Conveyor
Spray Mist