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TOYODA FH400J CNC Horizontal Machining Center

Specifications may be changed without further notification.

Table Dimensions400 x 400 mm
Rotary Table Indexing Angle0,001° ( NC )
Pallet Height ( From Floor )1,100 mm
Maximum Load on Pallet400 kg
Table Indexing Time ( 90° indexing )2,3 sec
Pallet Change Time7,5 sec
Pallet Number2
X-Axis Stroke600 mm
Y-Axis Stroke560 mm
Z-Axis Stroke630 mm
Distance Between Spindle Nose and Table Center100 - 730 mm
Distance Between Spindle Center and Top of Pallet50 - 610 mm
Maximum Workpiece SwingØ630 mm
Maximum Workpiece Height900 mm
Rapid Feed Rate ( X, Y and Z )60 m / min
Cutting Feed Rate ( X, Y and Z )0,001 - 30 m / min
Rapid Acceleration ( X, Y and Z )1 G
Ball Screw Diameter ( X, Y and Z )Ø40 mm
Spindle Speed50-15,000 rpm
Spindle Diameter ( Front Bearing Bore )Ø80 mm
Spindle Nose ShapeBT No:40
Spindle Motor ( continuous 30 min )22 / 18,5 kW
Tool Holding Capacity60
Tool SelectionAbsolute Address
Maximum Tool DiameterØ70 mm
Maximum Tool Length400 mm
Maximum Tool Mass8 kg
Tool Change Time ( Tool-to-Tool )0,9 sec
Tool Change Time ( Chip-to-Chip )2,4 sec
Tools HolderMAS BT40
Pull StudMAS P40T-1
Floor Space2,100 x 4,020 mm
Machine Height2,750 mm
Machine Weight11,000 kg
Hydraulic Oil18 L
Lubrication Oil2,9 L
Spindle Coolant15 L
Power Supply Capacity51 kVA
FANUC 32i Control Unit
0,001° ( NC ) Rotary Table Indexing Angle
Threaded Hole
15,000 rpm 22 / 18,5 kW Spindle Motor
60 Tool Holding Capacity
10 Bar Spindle Through Coolant Unit
Coolant Around Spindle System
Overhead Shower Coolant
Chip Flushing Coolant
Oil Skimmer
Splash Gun ( at APC )
Enclosure Guard
Door Interlock At Operating Position ( Electromagnetic )
APC Door Interlock ( Electromagnetic )
Internal Lighting
Pallet Changer ( APC Swing Type )
Spindle Cooling Unit
BTS Function ( Ballscrew Thermo Stabilizer )
BT40 Spindle Nose Shape
0,001° Rotary Table Indexing Angle
Helisel Interpolation
Al Contour Control I ( Pre-read 30 Blocks )
Fixed Drilling Cycle ( G73, G74, G76, G80 - G89 )
Synchronize Tapping Center
128 kb Program Memory Capacity
Number of Registered Programs ( 250 )
Inch - Metric Switch
Workpiece Coordinate Selection System ( 6 sets )
10,4" Color LCD Monitor
Leveling Blocks
Tool Sets
Operation and Manual CDs
30 Bar Coolant Through System
Program Restart System
Additional Workpiece Coordinate System ( 48 sets )
Big Plus Spindle BBT#40