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INDUSTRY - Heavy Duty Machines

Heavy duty machine industry such as agriculture and construction demands precise and substantial parts in tougie situations. Toyoda’s powerful machines offer high accurate size and over qualify surface finishing. Even in most demanding production situation, Toyoda’s machines deliver more work time as ask less maintenance. They reduce production costs of economical automation solutions and increases delivery in time.


New prolific energy production and gaining ways by sales orders of manufacture parts always needs renovation for energy industry. The need of precise and substantial parts in tough situations during work time in and out has never been changed.

Toyoda machines’ substantial structure gives convenience in enegy part production, and contributes in high precision sizes and superior surface finishing.

INDUSTRY - Aviation

Tezmak Makina offers automation solutions, shorten the manufacturing time, of critical parts to fast developing aerospace and defence industry of our country.

Thanks to our technology and expertise, Toyoda Machine manufactures high quantity of parts without concession of quality.

INDUSTRY - Mold Production

Tezmak adds Taiwan and Japan’s well known brands in its product range for Mold Manufactures as they face of ever-increasing and complex problems.

Also, we support our customers’ mold production line as establishing integrated manufacturing system to present machining work solutions. We make demo cuts and research on problems for mold production area.

INDUSTRY - Machine Production

Machine Production Industry delivers machine to all other industries and contributes to increase sector productivity by its manufactured machines and implementation of new technology. Providing any kind of support to machine production industry where has multipurpose use in automotive, medical, mold production, including heating and ventilation, hardware production is important as well as for other sectors.

In Tezmak Machine product line, Toyoda, FPT, SNK, Emag and other brands are usually offered for all kinds of part manufacturing aimed at machine production industry.

INDUSTRY - Medical

Medical parts and product manufacturing requires high precision and production as well as knowledge and skills for small sized parts production. Tezmaksan Machine contributes to achive low cost and faster manufacturing of high quality and accurate products by offering its knowledge and experience to the customers.

INDUSTRY - automotive

Tezmak Machine submits the most sensitive and quickest production works to automative industry for all kind of work parts by the know-how based on many years of experience and world brands product line.

INDUSTRY - Agricultural Machines